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Art Practice




My writing and other expressions can be found through my social medias

  • Art Jiu Jitsu Life Instagram
  • Art Jiu Jitsu Life TikTok
  • Instagram
Painted Image of Family in Jiu Jitsu, created in Acrylic paint
Black belt man from a three quarters view sitting away from the camera, created in dappled watercolour
On My Way.tif


If you are interested in commissioning artwork as a gift or a marking of a special occasion, please reach out to me with the form below. 


I have been working privately with clients all over the world since 2017, bringing to the canvas their sacred moments with family, friends, pets and on the mat. 


I am currently open to commissions and can book early for important occasions (Belt graduations, Christmas) on a spread out financing schedule to fit your needs. 


International payment is through PayPal or E-transfer in Canada

Progress communication is current throughout creation process.

Is this is gift?
Is it a rush? (2 week deadline is considered rush WITHOUT shipping time)
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