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                                                                           Privacy Policy 

Art Jiu Jitsu Life uses Wix. com to host their site. Any personal information provided to Art Jiu Jitsu Life such as IP address, email, name, physical address for shipping, telephone for shipping, credit card information and personal photos for painting references will be exchanged. Software tools may be use to collect and assess data and page interaction to inform Art Jiu Jitsu Life of what customers are looking for. This data may be stored on’s database storage and applications; data is on secure servers behind a firewall. 


Should you have ordered a custom work/comissioned painting, personal reference photos are largely required in order to reproduce an image or take likeness of the subject(s) in question. During this process Art Jiu Jitsu Life will have access to personal photos that you have supplied for reference. Your private photos remain confidential, are not shared with any 3rd party, at any point in time or for any reason. These files are downloaded from the exchange for clarity and sight and may be printed off for reference. Once the work is complete, all personal photo reference are deleted from Art Jiu Jitsu Life’s files and any physical print outs are shredded and recycled. Once the commission is fulfilled, Art Jiu Jitsu Life is no longer has access to your files, apart from the original ones that were electronically sent via email or website inbox conversations


Should your commission be one for a Memorial, Art Jiu Jitsu Life does not share your finished painting image in any way via print, digital or physical means. Art Jiu Jitsu Life will not use a customers commissioned Memorial portrait for any means of advertising or showcase beyond a visual example within Art Jiu Jitsu Life’s website to demonstrate personal commissions. 


No personal commission will be reprinted without the customers explicit consent or request; prints will not be made available to the general public save for the customer who commissioned the work and requires multiples to be made for them and their family or kin in who the work regards. Commissions are made visible as samples on Art Jiu Jitsu Life’s website. Art Jiu Jitsu Life requires explicit consent before posting your personal commission to their website or social medias, and you will be asked how or if you wish your work to be more widely shared after the commission is complete. 



Direct payments are processed by and used by our company adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of credit card information by our store and its service providers. Square is the modality by which these payments are electronically processed. 


You may withdraw your consent for collection of personal information at any time, but note that if it is in regards to a commissioned work, it will be considered cancelled and all monies regarding the transaction of the custom work are forfeited to Art Jiu Jitsu Life. 


Art Jiu Jitsu Life reserves the right to adjust their Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments, changes and clarifications can take place at any time but should these materially affect customers you will be notified directly. If you need to correct or delete any personal information regarding yourself, please email us at 

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